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Customers trust us

Since 2014, thousands of customers have registered more than 100,000 guests with through RegToEVENT

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Why us?

RegToEVENT is a universal tool for organizing events. It will simplify automatic registration of participants to events of any subject and any scale. Tickets of different categories and with set of additional options, online payment for tickets via different payment systems 24/7, and direct help with registration venue on the day of the event.

  • Online and offline events
  • Selling tickets with seats or time slots
  • Entrance fees to parks, zoos, water parks, etc.
  • Additional Options and Donations
What we do

Key Features

RegToEVENT isn't the only service, we just have a lot of unique features.

Event page

With us you will create a branded page for your event Or we can help you integrate the service with your website. We will consult you on event promotion and ticket sales and, If necessary, we will help you to do it.

Payment options

You will be able to accept payments from individuals and from individuals. Participants will be able to pay at once using any of the offered payment systems or generate an and pay by bank transfer as a legal entity.

Check-in members

We will provide you with a separate registration service on the on the day of the event at the venue. Our own equipment and software allow you to Chek-in for events with any number of participants, meet them, print for them badges and give out packages of participants, and then provide you complete statistics.

Work experience

We have more than 9 years of experience in organizing large and small events. We know the processes from within and have made the service as convenient as possible for the organizers. Nevertheless, each of of organizers, we continue to give their suggestions, and we don't stop improving the service almost every day.


Check out our video presentation and we're sure to be Your trusted partner in online ticketing for events.

Our features

We can do a lot of things!

Creating badges with QR

Generation of electronic tickets and badges with QR for participants and technical staff in pdf. Sending tickets to email and SMS

Payment acceptance

A wide range of services to accept payments in Various countries immediately to your accounts without waiting for the end of the event

Different types of tickets

Ticket types to suit all tastes: offline, online, with seats or with time slots, manually moderated or hidden ticket type

Increase % of sales

Additional options can be purchased along with the ticket accepting donations or upgrade ticket by the participant with surcharge


Access control via smartphone or badge printing on the day of the event. Control the movement of participants and staff around the location

Analytics 24/7

Statistics on registrations and sales by tickets, options, discounts applied. Improved analytics for conversions to your site via GTM, GA, FB and TikTok pixels

Referral program

Flexible referral program to attract visitors to the event with the ability to differentiate rates and goals.


Chat-bot notifications for organizer about registration and sales, Chat bot for participants, push mailings and trigger notifications

A unified solution to sell more tickets

Бесплатный конструктор лендинга

Free Landing Designer, where you can create a full-fledged website of your event


Manually moderated tickets if you want to control the audience, tickets with seats or hidden ticket types


Video recordings, participation in master classes, afterparties, etc. sell immediately with the ticket, or accept donations at registration

Международные и локальные способы оплаты билетов

International and local payment methods, different currencies and payment methods. The more options you have. the more successful payments


Participants can change their ticket to a more expensive one with a surcharge or buy an additional option, and the system will automatically make changes to the ticket


Promo codes for a fixed or percentage discount, discount depending on the number of tickets issued in one order or affiliate promo codes

онлайн трансляции

Online broadcasting, virtual exhibition area of partners and sponsors, quizzes, gift store


Email or SMS notifications to your participants according to a preconfigured scenario

Реферальная программа

Each participant can help sell your tickets for an agreed upon fee.

Control is easy!


All tickets you sell through RegToEVENT are generated with unique QR and Bar codes. Scan them with your regular smartphone to check out a guest! Or order a complete location check-in service with setup and equipment rental. Even if you've sold tickets through another service or generated them yourself - we can easily check in third-party QR code databases

  • Own equipment for code reading
  • Print stickers with the data of participants or badges themselves
  • Photo of the participant at the time of registration and print badges with photo
  • Print badges from your database or third-party QR codes
  • Rental of equipment or software for checkin
  • Turnkey registration
event check in app for guest list management

Let's promote you to the top

Order promotion for your event and sell more tickets

Take care of event preparations while we help with promotion

  • Placing

    Get placement in major sliders and sections Recommended on several public event directories

  • Promotion

    Promotion of events in social networks for your target audience without "budget drains"

  • Advertisement

    Setting up contextual media advertising

  • Newsletters

    E-mail and sms - mailing on behalf of the organizer

  • Mobile app

    Advertising in a mobile app

  • Youtube

    Advertising on Youtube

What we do

We have the best prices

Service fee

Still using google forms? Very handy tool for event scheduling, but not registration! Create event pages, register attendees, accept payments, give them discounts, benefits, newsletters, and more! all in one service!

Commission system from 1%.
Sell tickets through our service with minimal fees and accept payment directly to your bank details. But don't forget that There are additional fees for processing (visa, MC, paypal, etc.), which you will want connect.

We are for world peace and believe that good always wins. If You belong to the same category of people, and do charitable events - write to us and together we'll come up with something!


Large selection of payment systems

Accept payment through


What do they say about us?

Live feedback from our organizers

Quick and easy

Start selling tickets as soon as 9 minutes after registration

Go through the main setup steps, filling in: where the event is, when, cost, the offer, the text of the emails participants will receive, and start selling tickets right away!

  • Adaptive event page with integrated payment acceptance process
  • Miscellaneous tickets, options, automatic price schedules, upgrades and compound discounts
  • Customizable participant registration form and form integration options to choose from
  • Personalized, copy-protected and re-useable participant tickets
What we do

Example of registration

What your registration form might look like

Your old way

Your registrations now

They are time-consuming and require a lot of manual action.

  • Accept registrations to the table

    Processing the order, you need to contact all participants, send them details, check the payment and confirm, that it has been received - takes a lot of time

  • No site for announcements

    To run an advertisement, you use a link to a form that outside attendees can't find and don't understand whether it's worth buying a ticket to an event about which know nothing about

  • Send the details for payment manually

    By the time you send the requisites or an invoice for payment, the participant will forget about his registration or change his mind to come to you at all. Manually calculate how much the participant has to pay with including a promo code or promotion, and then manually reconcile the payments and tell the participants that you have received the amount by writing a letter or "draw" a ticket for each participant - forever

There is already "some software"

  • One program to collect registrations

    Do you use google forms to register participants or Another simple tool without the ability to accept payments and data protection

  • Another contractor for accepting money and mailing tickets

    Taking the non-ticketing method of accepting money from visitors. And separately hire programmers to generate QR codes

  • The third is for online broadcasts

    You use specialized expensive platforms for streaming. All the same, registration in one place, and broadcasting in another. You need to accept registration and payment, and then give the data platform to configure the broadcast

  • The fourth service you call for a check

    When it comes to the event, you have to somehow print everyone badges, and no lines, and no bunnies, and the bases are all scattered. Entry marks are not systematically placed.

  • Sync by

    Everywhere you have to synchronize member bases. Pay to a bunch of places and suffer

Our way (right now)

What you get with RegToEVENT

Automation of all processes, increasing the sales budget and saving time

  • A complete CRM for order processing

    All orders are stored in the CRM system, and the service automatically changes the status the order after payment is received, generates and sends a ticket to the participant by mail and SMS

  • Free Site Designer

    Create a complete website of your event: about what, for whom, its benefits, Who the speakers are, the program, information about sponsors, map and contacts, and much more

  • Online Payment

    Immediately after registration the participant gets to a page with a choice of payment and pays in the most convenient way

  • Ticket, in case of successful payment

    Immediately after successful payment, the participant enters the ThankyouPage, where he downloads his ticket and sees all the information about the event

  • Promo codes and flexible discounts

    Set up discount rules in advance by the order number of the ticket or on the number of tickets in the order, to sum discounts or or not, and the system will automatically calculate the necessary amount for the order

  • Increase sales and keep complete records

    Sell add-ons at once with tickets, accept donations, upgrades and keep records in one place. Accessible statistics, easy to sort orders by options, discounts, etc.

  • Tickets with elements of protection

    All tickets with unique QR codes for each of the participants, are automatically generated. And when checking out, the system will not allow use the same ticket multiple times

  • Broadcasts with booths and gifts

    Cabinet design and protection of video streaming even from free YouTube broadcasts, virtual partner booths and interaction with participants, questions in the chat room, and gifts for points from quizzes, questions for the speaker in the chat bot

  • Chekin on the day of the event

    It is possible to order an electronic registration service for participants at the location on the day of the event, or check out all the tickets on your own with any smartphone or tablet