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Service designed to make life easier for each event manager.
Automatic registration of participants for events of any subject and of any scale. Tickets of various categories and with a set of additional options, online payment of tickets through various payment systems 24/7, and direct assistance with registration on the site on the day of the event.

  • Online registration of participants

    - application form of any complexity
    - integration of the registration form with your site
    - online registration of participants through a separate event site
    - registration through social network or office in the service
    - payment of tickets online and generation of invoices for payment by bank transfer
    - instant sending of the ticket to the participant
    - custom ticket by the organizer

  • Offline registration of participants

    - scan tickets by smartphones or scanners
    - the press of stickers on a badge with the data of the participant
    - customizable badge stickers
    - control of entrance of different zones
    - the ability to add a participant in the event
    - the ability to edit data about the participant

  • Analytics and statistics

    - access to statistics 24/7
    - statistics of registrations and the number of sales
    - analytics of traffic and sales sources
    - logging of all actions of co-organizers, who, what and when changed in order
    - statistics of event visitors in real time
    - a full report on the participants who visited the event

RegToEvent not the only service we just have a lot of unique pieces.

With us you will create a branded page of your event or we will help integrate the service with your website. We will advise on the promotion of the event and the sale of tickets and, if necessary, we will help to do this.

You will be able to accept payments from individuals and legal entities. Participants will be able to pay for the ticket immediately using any of the proposed payment systems or generate an invoice for themselves and pay by bank transfer as a legal entity.

We will provide you with a separate member registration service on the day of the event at the site. Own equipment and software allow you to conduct a check-in for events with any number of participants, meet participants, print badges for them and issue participants' packages, and after that give you full statistics.

УWe have over 5 years of experience in organizing large and small events. We know the processes from the inside and made the service as convenient as possible for the organizers. Nevertheless, each of them continues to make their wishes, and we do not cease to improve and improve the service almost every day.

Watch video presentation

Check out our video presentation and we are confident that we will become your reliable partner for online ticket sales

We know a lot!

Our capabilities

Sale of tickets in Telegram

Stay close to your members. Register them and sell tickets right in your telegram chats.

Payment acceptance

Multiple platforms for online payment. The ability to take payment immediately on Your accounts without waiting for the completion of the event.

Creating badges with QR

Autogeneration of tickets and badges in pdf for visitors. Print and access control through smartphone.

Analytics 24/7

Statistics of visits by source. Connect pixel FB, codes GA, GTM, NM.

Affiliate Program

Flexible referral program for attracting visitors to the event with the ability to differentiate% rates and goals.

Different types of tickets and paid options

Ability to create different categories of tickets and additional services. Flexible promotional codes for partners and complex discounts.

Increase % payment

Visual information about the attempts to pay for tickets by each participant, logging operations and the ability to skip participants, who could not immediately pay for the ticket..

Chat bot

Chat bot - structured responses to the most common participant responses. Ability to send push messages.

The only solution is to sell more tickets


Create a ticket window with high conversion rates and good search results


Use all the RegToEVENT tools to sell more tickets


Gather analytics on signups, sales, traffic, and control sign-in

Control is easy!


Make your life easier and reduce stress on the day of the event. All tickets you sell through RegToEVENT are generated with unique Bar and QR codes. You will be able to scan them with your regular smartphone to wait for your guest! Or hire our team with professional equipment

  • Own code reading equipment
  • Staff ready to register at the site
  • Print stickers and badges in place
  • Integration of your member databases for registration in our platform
Let us introduce you to the TOP

Order your event promotion and sell more tickets

  • Get featured in the top sliders and sections recommended on multiple public event directories
  • Promote social networking events for your CA without budget drains
  • Setting up contextual display advertisingи
  • Email and sms - mailing on behalf of the organizer
  • Advertising in the mobile app
  • Youtube Advertising
  • Take care of the event while we help promote it

We have the best prices

Our prices

Still using google forms? Very handy planning tool. events, but no registration! Create event pages register participants, accept payments, make discounts for them, buns, newsletters and much more, and all this within one service!

System commission from 1%

Sell tickets through our service with a minimum commission or take payment immediately to your wallets.

But do not forget that also charged additional processing fee (by companies visa, MC, paypal and others) that you want to connect.

We are for world peace and believe that good always triumphs. If you belong to the same category of people, and do charity events - write to us and together we will think of something!
Price details

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them, just contact us.

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Live in our organs of organization

We hope, believe, wait ... in March

Very soon in version 2.0

Interactive room diagrams for ticket sales according to location and number

Colored registration forms and tickets for your website design and corporate identity

Event placement in event posters and banner ads in thematic sections

Accounting workflow and accepting payments to our non-cash accounts so you don't get distracted by the routine

Simple and fast

Start ticketing within 9 minutes of check-in

Just walk through the creation wizard by filling in all the fields (where, when, cost, texts of emails that participants will receive). And start selling right away!


  • Adaptive event page with integrated payment acceptance process
  • Different types of tickets with automatic schedule, upgrades and complex discounts
  • Customized visitor registration questionnaire for your event
  • Participants' personalized tickets are copy protected
What is RegToEVENT?

RegToEVENT is an automatic system for registering participants for events. Which has a large set of functions irreplaceable for the organizer: collecting / storing / processing of the participants' base, ticket sale 24/7 through various acquiring, sms mailing and email to the participants. Read more...

How do I get started with you?

To get started, you need to register on the site Fill in the information about the suspected event and contact details. We recommend that you provide a real phone number, as your account password is randomly generated and comes to you as a text message. Read more...

Is it necessary to complete all event settings?

There are settings that are required: start and end dates of registration, tickets and their prices, choice of payment method. And there are settings that you can do without, such as analytics codes. But we hope you want to make the most of your ticket sales and work with us. Read more...

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