Ticket sales commission

The size of the service (Regtoevent commission) depends on the type of your event and consists of percentage component from the amount of order of the participant and fixed part from each generated ticket

  • Interest, % Fix, €

    Types of events

  • Interest: 0% Fix: 0€

    Free Events from 1 to 200 participants (over 200 participants - See the Terms of Public Office)

  • Interest: 1% Fix: 0.2€

    Social events with charity funds (for NGOs)

  • Interest: 2% Fix: 0.35€

    Great events from 1000 generated tickets

  • Interest: 2.5% Fix: 0.33€

    Little events up to 999 generated tickets

  • Interest: 3% Fix: 0.3€

    Events to which tickets are provided with places, with time slots or online broadcast

  • Interest: 5% Fix: 0.3€

    Events that provide tickets with places.The hall is over 1000 seats

  • Interest: 2% Fix: -

    Regular tickets in parks, zoos, water parks and other entertainment establishments

  • Interest: 30% Fix: 0.5€

    Religious, spiritual, karmic event.Events about the enlightenment of the soul, the purification of energy and chakra, Fate and success matrices, political gatherings, weddings, mistakes ... And everything that looks like it.

* Regtoevent Commission (Service Collection) You can pay you as an organizer, Then it will be charged from a ticket cost or from euroblancing

** Or, at your request, we will switch the commission to the participant in this case, The amount of the commission will be added from above to the ticket cost

*** Commission of Payments Reception Systems is not included in the Regtoevent Commission and is paid by the organizer separately in accordance with the rules and order of selected systems

**** For free measures, support (on chat/email/phone) from the settings is only possible in the event of emergency situations.The answers to all your questions can be found in video instructions (in the relevant sections) or help (виняток - заходи з платним чекіном РТЕ)

  • You don't have merchants in payment services?
  • Do you need quickly and without accounting darkness?
  • And ticket sales are needed today?

We can provide you with a turnkey processing with a "on ourselves" payments

The cost of online broadcasts

Prices for online broadcasting in one event during the day:

Up to 100 participants Free

from 101 to 1000 participants 99€

from 1000 + Contact support

For a sponsor's stand without a quiz 49€

For stand sponsor with a quiz 59€

Showcase gifts Free


The cost of registration of participants on the day of the event

Equipment set: PC + printer + scanner + network equipment + consumables + software. We bring everything to the location and adjust + support during registration (minimum order from 2 points, price per slot 4 hours)

The ability to check participants at the entrance through QR code on the ticket with several registrars. Creation of multiple registrars accounts without additional software.Works on iOS and Android

Special application on Android with Issuance and Search for Suppress.fields.Able to check people even with poor access to the Internet

If you want to use your printers/scanners/PC.We are removing the event for Chekin, testing the printing to the event.Next you do everything yourself.

When you need to track the number of inputs into separate location areas.There is a participant in the right of login or not and how many times - it can be done through our application

Decisions for automatic print bands by participants without the participation of the hostess.Can be set as a supplement to a normal registration rack (for introverts)

A solution that will allow you to generate unique Badi participants when registering on a rack and immediately get colored cardboard with photos or other images for maximum Wow effect

A decision that will allow participants to be photographed when registering on the rack and already in a few seconds to get color badge with photos for maximum wow effect and convenience in safety issues

If there is less than 14 calendar days before the event, you mentioned that you have not resolved the issue of reliable guest registration.

You wake up at night in sweat and understand that you do not want to see the queue and anger already at the rack of registration. And from the rack there is only a table and a tablecloth and your event will be less than 7 days

Renting equipment

Modern 3D scanner at 0.03C recognition is able to scan both Bar codes and QR codes. On any type of carrier: paper, phone screen.Provides comfortable work and speeds up search participant in the database. pledge for pcs 75 €

Modern and reliable laptop with all drivers installed and tuned for correct print Stezla za pjt 300 €

Special compact printing device.Connects to the laptop and prints a Bagia sticker On average in 1 second pledge per piece of 300 €

He can print full -color badges of participants with their photos directly in the location. pledge per piece of 300 €

The cost of online lidogeneration

Setting Lidogeneration FB / INST -10% from 200 €

Adwords -15% setting from 150 €

TikTok Ads -15% Setting from 300 €

Payment Model for Ice from 35€

* In addition can VAT be charged

* Unwancing can pass on customer accounts

* can be additional costs for Farming accounts (accounts/cards/SIM/proxy)


You can additionally order

Individual design ticket from RTE logo 300€

Individual ticket design without RTE logo 400€

White Label Form and Ticket:

- for free events 200€
- for paid events 300€

Other variants of change and branding from 1200€