Lead generation. Advertising for ticket sales


The theme of the event is there, the name was invented, the hall was chosen and the registration for the event in RegToEVENT was set up 😉 but you don't know how to sell tickets yet?

Naturally, no one will come to the event if no one knows about it. Therefore, without announcements, advertisements and Total what will help to make your event famous is indispensable.

You can monitor news sites on the subject of your event, publics, forums and various chats and agree with them about announcements. You can try to work with influencers in your niche so that they advertised the event in their accounts, but most likely you will have to pay for it or exchange the announcement for the most expensive tickets)).

Visitors to the site can come themselves, if you have worked with the site, it is in good positions in search engine issue or you have groups in social networks and you are actively leading them and have collected the required number subscribers.

The site must indicate the date of the event and the location. His brief description: what is he about and for whom, speakers and program, conditions of registration and who is the organizer, what tickets are and their cost. Ideally, the site is also conveniently structured and everything is in a conspicuous place.

Important! So that the member can easily register and easily buy a ticket, then you will receive your leads with ads, not just empty transitions.


But one way or another, the closer to the date of the event, the less hope for organic traffic, and you need to accelerate sale of tickets. One of the most effective options for effective ticket sales is paid advertising. But you must either yourself be well versed in how to set up ads, how to make creatives, write texts, etc., or hire a contractor.

Ticket advertising is only effective when configured correctly. Besides, it's not worth it forget about a well-designed event website, so that after switching from advertising, the participant can see that information that interested him in advertising, and not the opposite.

Эффективная реклама

Targeted advertising for ticket sales is:

  • Large selection of ad formats (driving traffic, registration, sales, etc.)

  • Variety of creatives (banners, videos, carousels)

  • Fine tuning for a specific audience

  • The ability to adjust the cost (click / impression or daily limits)

  • A good PR tool (the event will take place, but the publications will remain, and the audience interacted with them)

We have experience in launching advertising campaigns for conferences, exhibitions, seminars and other events. Our team customizes and places advertising materials on order of the customer in Facebook, Adwords, TikTok ads.

Based on the theme of the event and your wishes, we:

  • Чек

    we define the target audience

  • Чек

    the most successful ad formats

  • Чек

    boundary budgets (daily, monthly per click, etc.)

  • Чек

    we can use yours or offer our own creatives for advertising

  • Чек

    we create advertisements

  • Чек

    we optimize ad impressions for maximum benefit

  • Чек

    we set up remarketing to complete the conversion among potential participants, previously interacting with the site / advertisement / page


What you need from the organizer:

  • 1) Access to the site where the traffic will be configured - to set the codes conversions and analytics (or access to GTM)
  • 2) Basic messages and slogans for advertising texts (we will use both priority, but during testing, changes are possible, we will try agree)
  • 3) Understanding the marginal cost of the bid (or sale) for the organizer
  • 4) A list of words and wishes that the customer does not want to see (in writing)
  • 5) Images, creatives, videos - for banners and advertising posts (if any), or wishes for their mind
  • 6) If possible, photos and / or videos from previous events, photos of the organizers' speakers, information about sponsors, etc., everything that will help make the event recognizable.
  • 7) For Facebook and Adwords - we can customize the advertising campaign in your accounts.


Basic rate - commission 10% of the budget in Facebook, Adwords, TikTok Ads, but not less than 200 USD per month per channel

For TikTok Ads - additional 20% VAT is charged

For leads - (usually 35+ USD per lead) - discussed individually

In addition to good traffic to the site, it is important to remember about working with ready-made leads. Very often people leave applications begin to issue a ticket, but for some reason leave without completing the payment. The reasons are sometimes very even banal, someone distracted, the mobile network disappeared, if the order was made from the phone, there was not enough money for payment on the card, and then just forgot what to pay, etc.

It is not enough just to get registrations, you still need to process and push all unpaid registrations so that the participants complete the registration and actually redeem their tickets.

You can always use the RegToEVENT Push and Trigger Mailings to remind the participant who has not paid for the order.

Ready leads