Hall scheme constructor

Many event formats imply a clear seating of visitors in rows and places : concerts, submissions and ave. Open-air festivals, as a rule, do not need this, the maximum that can be there is division into zones with different ticket prices. Although it all depends on the imagination of the organizer.

But even business events: conferences, seminars, etc. often use schema ticketing format placement of seats due to the peculiarities of the location or combine ticket types with seats (first rows closer to the stage) and tickets without location (all others).

For example, a concert in a club may sell regular tickets to the fan zone for those who want to dance near stages and separately tickets for assigned seats at tables who want to sit comfortably and listen music by ordering something at the bar.

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Why sell seat-linked tickets

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    The hall has a static seating

    There are rooms where chairs are placed at the request of the organizer, but many rooms are already ready installed seats that clearly correspond to the row and place. Such a hall can be non-standard form, divided into sectors, there are places where you can see better on the stage, and there are those where is worse. If you sell tickets without reference to the place, then all the "good" will not be enough and negative proceedings can begin right in the course of the event.

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    Participants plan their purchase in advance

    Each person buying a ticket wants to immediately understand its cost, the location of the seat on the layout of the hall, and already based on this, decide what to buy. No matter what the participant buys he wants to be sure that his ticket is tied to the seat and his seat nobody will take it. He does not need to come in advance and occupy him in the order of a live queue.

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    Opportunity for the organizer to earn more

    If the hall is divided into sectors with different pricing policies, then the chances of sales increase. Some of the participants will buy the cheapest tickets, because they fit their budget, and they really want to get to the event. But there will be those who are willing to pay more to be confident that its seating on the hall layout will be in a more advantageous place, with comfortable armchairs or better view.

What happens if tickets with seats are sold manually

If you decide to manually draw the hall layout and sell tickets the old fashioned way, controlling everything with the help of pencil and notebook, it is very inconvenient and difficult.

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    With a high probability, you will get confused about what has already been sold and what has not yet been sold immediately after the start of sales. And there is a big risk not to keep track and sell 2 tickets for 1 seat

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    You may think that the places are already taken and stop selling, but in fact they are not, and as a result it turns out that the hall is not completely filled, it was possible to sell more

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    When buying a ticket, participants want to immediately see which seats are free, at what price and choose for themselves, then what suits them best, and not wait until you figure out your scheme

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    On the day of the event, it is even more difficult to match who has which place, especially if the participant has there is no ticket indicating its place, but you just have a list of redeemed ones without full name

Manual ticket sales with seats

Hall constructor with seats from RegToEVENT

  • The organizer himself creates the layout of the hall

    The organizer can independently create a layout of the hall for the required number of rows and seats with all the details of the room

  • Return

    In case of return of tickets, the participant's ticket is canceled, and the seat again becomes available to sale to other members

  • various icons

    When decorating the circuit, you can use various icons for displaying the scene, exits, toilets, catering, smoking, etc.

  • seat-linked tickets

    You can sell seat-linked tickets and non-seating tickets at the same time in within one event

  • additional images

    It is possible to upload your own icons and / or additional images (for example, a general outline hall layouts or sponsors' stands layout)

  • Edit order

    The participant can choose any number of tickets that the organizer allows to buy in one order or edit / replace them before purchase

  • Places can be divided into sectors

    Places can be divided into sectors, differ in color, etc. for visual convenience when choice by the participant

  • Checkin

    The system allows you to check-in a ticket at the entrance to prevent attempts to re-check it use

  • Reserved

    When a participant chooses a place, it is reserved for him at the time of ordering and is released if it was not redeemed within 10 minutes

  • Time slot

    It is possible to use the ticket validity slot, in case there are several events and the participant came at the wrong time

Flexible, uncomplicated configuration of the hall layout

Flexible customization

Intuitive choice of seat for the participant when purchasing

Intuitive choice of seat for the participant when purchasing

With the hall scheme designer RegToEVENT, you can create a hall of any format, type, type and size. Add seats for the sale of tickets of any number, and tickets may be limited in time and date of sale. Tickets can be of different categories, different prices and with the possibility of purchasing additional options outside ticket.

The reservation of tickets is kept by the participant for 10 minutes until the moment of payment, if the payment has not been received, the reservation removed so that tickets can be redeemed by other participants. In case of ticket refund, the vacated seat goes on sale again, and you do not risk being left with half an empty room or not keeping track of who what sold.

The organizer has no risk of selling several tickets for 1 seat, because the system automatically monitors their employment. The hall layout will allow organizing the sale of tickets for events of any format: conferences, seminars, concerts, theater performances, sporting events and other performances.