Locations often cannot accommodate everyone at the same time. These can be exhibitions and presentations, days open doors, parks, zoos, museums or just performances and performances that take place 3-4 times in day, quest rooms and even a massage parlor and much more.

Therefore, the organizer is faced with the task of distributing the time of visits in such a way as to accept everyone, and so that they it was comfortable on the court.

If this is not done in advance, then you will find a huge queue at the entrance. People are forced to stand from several minutes, up to several hours, while waiting for their turn. Some of them will write an angry review about you, the part will just turn around and walk away.


Also, do not forget about the new restrictions that we have all faced recently, when it is important not just keep the number of people at the location, but also keep the distance between people in the queue at the entrance and registration.


What can you do

  • Delineate the time of visits

    If the task is to hold 4 performances a day, or to distribute the influx of visitors, so that some of them came in the first half of the day, and some in the second.

  • Distribute the number of visitors

    For example, you can conduct an excursion in groups of no more than 10 people, or a massage parlor accepts no more than 2 clients at the same time

  • Avoid queues and grudges

    When buying tickets, people will understand in advance on what day and at what time they will come to you, and not will crowd at the entrance, waiting for space to be free for them.

  • Forget about "manual" control, who is registered for how long

    If you have more time, you just make the slot available for sale again, and you don't need to think and check each time manually entries in a notebook

  • Control the entry of participants

    If a participant bought a ticket at 11:00 and came at 13:00, then the system will warn that he did not come to your time, and you will be able to decide whether to skip it or not already on the spot.

  • Additional options for each category of tickets

    Just like with regular tickets, you can offer participants to immediately buy additional options in the form dinners, attractions, souvenirs and more.

With RegToEvent you will receive

  • Check The organizer receives a tool that distributes the flow of visitors.
  • Check The buyer sees all available TimeSlots - and chooses which one is convenient for him.
  • Check The timeslot can contain a different number of guests or be limited to 1 person.
  • Check The organizer will be able to create several schemes of such Time Slots, for example, in different locations
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When guests check in, the registrar sees both the ticket status and the Time slot time - thus the organizer will be able to control not only sales, but also the entrance area. Letting in or not letting in visitors who came not in its time.

Checkin RegToEvent

You can forget about keeping records in a notebook using this tool!

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