RegToEVENT commission ranges from 3% to 1% depending on your quarterly turnover

And the most important thing!
Free events -                         free!


Free events

  • free events - FREE
  • up to 500 tickets - FREE
  • more than 500 tickets 99 $

* The number of tickets can be                                       replenished in your personal account

Paid events


Sell tickets through our service with                         minimum commission or accept payment                         immediately to their wallets.

* payment system commission (service fee) -                                       paid additionally at the choice of the organizer:                                       by a visitor or by the organizer

Special conditions for charity events

Contact us and we will answer all your questions.

Create event
Cost of
Registration of the Organizer in the service and use of the cabinet
Is free
Access to sales and registration statistics 24/7
Is free
Custom member profiles that are easy to integrate into your site
Is free
Registration of participants in advance and receiving their contacts
Is free
Your event page on the Internet
Is free
Flexible pricing policy: promotional codes, discounts, ticket upgrades
Is free
Own affiliate (referral) program
Is free
Networking mode for screens in the event rooms
Is free
Check-in using mobile phones, and ready-made layouts for stickers on the badge
Is free
White Label
RegToEVENT - the most technological platform in the CIS

All in one:

  • Mini-site for each event
  • Ticket sales and visitor registration
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Scan tickets from mobile
  • Check and badge printing at the site
  • Affiliate program for each visitor
  • Autolida for more coverage
  • Integration with analytics services
  • Mailing notifications, directly from the organizer's account
  • Chat bot notification of each order
  • The possibility of flexible configuration and refinement
    functional requirements of each organizer

Accept payment through: