Registration of participants 24/7

Accept registration, payment and send tickets to participants, regardless of the weather, day of the week or public holidays

Low commission

Service commission starts from 3% and tends to 1%, depending on the budget of the event, and does not increase, compared to other services.

Loyal payment

Large selection of payment acceptance systems, plus the ability to automatically generate invoices for payment by bank transfer immediately to the organizer's account

Different tickets and options

Create different participation packages, with different prices and a schedule for increasing the cost of participation. As well as any additional options in excess of the ticket.

Promotion codes and statistics

Make different promotional codes for different partners, for a fixed amount or% discount, and track the statistics of their use, or flexible discounts on large orders.

Upgrade ticket to + 10% of the budget

Register the opportunity to upgrade the ticket by the participants themselves, and without distracting you they will pay the difference to more expensive participation packages.

Autolides up to + 17% of applications

Work with the potential audience that we have gathered for you. Help them complete registration and pay for tickets

Registration of participants in the Telegram

Be there - where your audience is! Register participants and sell them tickets through the Telegram-bot, at a convenient place and time for them.

Affiliate program up to + 7% of sales

Set up participants with a% or a fixed bonus for sales (registration), and they themselves will distribute your tickets to friends and colleagues.

Push messages and mailings

Do not sort the lists to send manually! Make an automatic SMS or Email distribution for the category of participants you need.

Trigger notifications up to + 8% orders

Setting up regular sending of messages for a specific scenario of events and remind the participant in time about paying for a ticket or price increase.

«Thank you page» up to + 5% of visitors

Do not tell the participants simply “Thank you”, invite them to share the event in social networks or add it to the calendar so as not to forget about the date of the event.

Integration with analytics systems

Analyze not only traffic from sources, but also the fact of sales. Reconfigure advertising, redistribute budgets and thereby save on advertising.


Write down the return policy, and participants can request a refund of 1 click, without unnecessary calls and letters, and you will see a notice in the office.

Logging operations

Give different rights to all co-organizers and you will always know who, when and what changed in the order settings.

Import, Export, Backup

Fill up the database with pre-registration, upload existing in Excel and get regular backup to your email without worrying about losing it.

Chat bot organizer

Always be aware of what is happening, even outside the office. The bot will inform you about new registrations, payments (successful or not), and will send daily statistic.

Convenient event page

Register all the event data and get a ready-made ticket sales page. If you need help in creating a separate site - no problem.

Materials after the event

Upload the right presentations, videos and other files and set access levels for each category of ticket, participants will be able to watch it directly in their account.

Check in on the day of the event

Do not print names on badges in advance. They are lost, confused and create a queue during the issuance. It is much more convenient to print stickers on the spot.

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Badge printing at the event

If you are tired of registering participants for events manually and spending hours, days and weeks on it, event registration service will come to the rescue.

After the tickets are sold and everything is ready to welcome the guests, the question of how participants becomes relevant becomes identify on site? And then each organizer decides for himself whether he will print name badges in advance or is printing badges at an event more productive and profitable?

Imagine the situation: you decided in advance to print badges, carefully arranged them in alphabetical order, before registration, but then 300 participants came to the site at the same time, and everyone stood in a long queue. Everything they want to get their badge as soon as possible and the queue does not decrease because they are constantly coming up and fit. Literally after 15-20 minutes of such issuance and manual search of the badge, your hostesses will confuse them so - that nothing can be found there, and the more participants, the more chaos.

Printing badges at the event right on the site - solves the issue of queues, long waiting and resentment from the participants. Each participant is sent a ticket with QR upon registration code, which he either in printed form or in electronic form is brought with him to the event. Everything what the organizer representative needs is to check the ticket by QR code and immediately print the badge and issue to the participant.

Badges can be printed at the event in full, there are special printers for this. But this takes longer. Everything is logical - the printer needs to paint the entire blank of the future badge, and it's not fast.

A faster option is to print color badge blanks in advance, and add them there at the event only member data. Your employee took a ticket validator, scanned it and checked in the participant, and immediately inserted the blank into the printer to print only the first name, last name and / or other data, according to a pre-configured template. The speed of printing and issuing the badge is so much faster.

But it is worth noting that the badge will not be dense, both in the first and in the second version! Physically you cannot insert very thick cardboard into the printer and even more so, you cannot use for this laminated badge. These will be very thin blanks, which either will not last for a long time, they can detach from the carabiner, or you will need additional protection in the form of a silicone pocket.

If you want thick laminated badges, it is better to use special ones to personalize them. stickers. They are also printed immediately on the site of the event, and the speed of issuing a badge and registration of one participant in this case up to 7 seconds.

Checking tickets by QR code is possible through RegToEVENT. The organizer does not need to worry about what its participants will receive tickets, since the QR code tickets are sent to all participants, regardless of whether paid event, free or closed event and the organizer just has a list of participants. No complex, separate ticket scanning software needed! The scanning functionality is very simple, and your hostesses will be able to use it the first time, and if necessary, the service staff can provide a full range of turnkey services.

Through RegToEVENT it is possible to print stickers on a pre-prepared badge, it is possible to print badges at the event, it all depends on the wishes and tasks of the organizer. And the time for setting up and preparing equipment takes 20-30 minutes, which can be easily done in the morning just before registration for the event.

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